Herbal Tea Blend – 4oz Bag


Herbal remedies to use instead of over-the-counter chemicals.


Organic dried herbs sourced from reputable suppliers, locally as much as absolutely possible. Stored in air tight glass jars in the dark until blended for your order.

Every order comes with a reusable muslin tea bag.

Recommended storage in a glass jar with a lid. (Reuse spaghetti sauce jars)

Each 8oz bag is 1 cup of dried plants and provides 16 servings

1 tbsp of Dried Tea Blend to 1 cup boiled water

Steep 5-20 minutes, covered, to desired taste.

I love using my cappuccino maker to get a robust tea in short amount of time.

Blends Available

Cold & Flu Relief: peppermint leaf, eucalyptus leaf, marjoram leaf, catnip leaf and sage leaf

Cooling Mint: peppermint and spearmint leaf

Heartburn Relief: fennel seed and licorice root

Natural Detox: dandelion root and leaf, rosemary leaf, red clover flower and yarrow flower

Pain Relief: chamomile flowers and cinnamon bark

Raspberry Blend: raspberry & blackberry leaf, orange peel, hibiscus flower

Relax & Sleep: chamomile flowers, lavender flowers and hops flowers


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Weight 8 oz
Tea Blends

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