Wellness Education

Wellness Education with Jennifer

We bring a world of knowledge into your hands!

Jennifer, Mother Jai, Lawson provides lecture and discussion style group classes on the topic of natural wellness. Ranging from herbal remedies to dietary considerations to physical activity to meditative practices.

Each hour-long class can be held on a weekly or monthly basis.

With your HERBAL REMEDY booklet what do you get to learn about?

  • The history of herbal remedies.
  • Over twenty different herbs with color pictures.
  • Their current uses today.
  • Preparing your own herbal remedies.
  • Using herbal remedies safely everyday.
  • Common interactions with prescription medications.

Download it here.

With your WELLNESS booklet what do you get to learn about?

  • Ten dimensions health and wellness
  • Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness — 4 basic aspects of each person
  • Understanding your body.
  • Alternative Medicine — other than surgery and medications
  • Ways to improve your health without spending money.
  • Cheap and easy remedies to use at home.
  • Simple, gentle exercise to improve function.

Download it here.

With your SKIN, HAIR & NAILS booklet what do you learn about?

  • Natural skin care with alternative products.
  • Common skin conditions and their alternative treatments.
  • Improving scalp health naturally.
  • Growing more and healthier hair naturally.
  • Growing strong nails naturally.
  • Recipes and natural product information included.

Download it here.

Wellness Education classes are held in multiple locations, see the events calendar.

These classes have been ongoing since 2013.

Contact Jennifer to bring classes to your community.