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Senior Personal Training

Need more strength, better balance and stamina to keep up with your grandkids? Want to feel more stable and secure in your daily routines?

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Mother Jai is here to help.

Jennifer offers in home personal training for seniors in or around Arvada, Colorado. In the comfort of your own home we practice fitness routines at your level with the utmost safety. As you improve and adapt we adapt the routine to support your continued improvement. You will find the session routine and personal training sequence below. Contact Jennifer below to get your sessions started.

Private Personal Training Session

Each session will vary completely on your ability level and our current plan of activity. This is a basic outline of our session structure.

  1. Check-in: see how you are feeling for the day, if you are experiencing any pain, have any changes to report and what we plan to do for the day.
  2. Myofascial Release: we take a few minutes to lightly massage the body in an upward direction, using our own hands to soften up our fascia to prepare it for movement. As we age and move less the fascia is the first thing that stiffens and makes every other movement difficult. A tight fascia is the cause of trigger points and knots in muscles.
  3. Stretching: while seated we gently stretch the joints and muscles with short static stretches. We reach the stretch and hold for one long breath. Then move to the next. Gently preparing the body for the warmup movements.
  4. Warm-Up: we move through slower flowing movements like Tai Chi (either seated or standing) to get the blood flowing to the muscles and get them warmed up or prepared for more focused movements.
  5. Movement/Exercise: this is the focus of the class, our purpose for the day. Depending on your level of activity these movements can be with or without resistance.
  6. Cool Down: during this time, we reduce the activity level slowly to bring down the heart rate and breathing. Reducing the blood flow to the muscles and helping the body cool down. These movements include slow flowing and static stretching.
  7. Breathing: after every exercise we take a few minutes to consider our breathing habits and practice abdominal breathing. The best way to help the body sweep out toxins (internal and external) is through proper breathing.

Personal Training Sequence

We continue to work in each section until you feel confident in your ability to do more and you demonstrate the physical and mental ability to move on to more difficult and intricate movements.

  1. Improving Stability: we first work on improving stability, so you feel more stable and confident to complete more difficult physical tasks. These static exercises are completed first seated and then standing with support.
  2. Increasing Mobility: we next work on improving your confidence in basic movements of daily living. We begin with slow movements and walking to increase core muscle and improve upright position. Then move to lifting and putting away light objects.
  3. Improving Range of Motion: as you feel more confident with standing and moving around, we move up to bigger flowing movements like Tai Chi and modified Hatha Yoga. We first complete movements seated to get a feel for them, then we take it standing to increase flexibility throughout the body.
  4. Increasing Muscle Mass: once you feel confident with larger movements and have improved flexibility and stability, then we move up to weightlifting combined with a variety of range of motion movements. We want to maintain flexibility while increasing muscle mass. We begin with less weight/resistance and work our way up slowly over time.
  5. Improving Aerobic Capacity: now that you have developed stability, mobility, range of motion and muscle mass we can move up to developing more aerobic capacity to help restore the body to its previous abilities. These exercises include High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) where the heart rate is increased for a longer period with a short rest period followed by another high intensity movement, repeated for 45 minutes. These sessions are typically Silver Sneakers Classic style classes.
  6. Increasing Flexibility: now that you feel comfortable moving through faster movements with less support we can begin more difficult static stretching and balance tests with Yoga. We begin seated in a chair, then move to a chair for support, then to standing Yoga with no support and finally to floor or mat Yoga. We only progress to the next stage with your demonstrated ability at the previous level.

Motivational Coaching

When motivation and desire to participate are lacking we will discuss your motivations for doing more for yourself and with your family. I will ask you open ended questions and guide discussions to help you rediscover your determination and commit to your goals once again. Motivation and adherence are the two most important factors for training success.

Contact Jennifer below to schedule your private personal training.

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