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  • 05/23/22 - Sore Muscles After Exercise (Uncategorized) (delayed onset muscle soreness, excessive muscle pain, extreme muscle pain after exercise, kidney damage from exercise, muscle discomfort after exercise, muscle pain, muscle pain after exercise, normal muscle pain, pain after exercise, pain during exercise)
  • 05/15/22 - Eating Right, Not Dieting (Natural Remedies, Wellness Tips) (avoid dieting, eating right not dieting, healthy body with food, healthy eating, healthy foods, healthy lifestyle, how to avoid dieting, how to eat right, never diet again, nutrient dense, nutrition, skip dieting, strong body)
  • 05/08/22 - Basics of Herbal Remedies (Natural Remedies) (basics of herbal remedies, feeding the body, healing with herbal remedies, herbal remedies, herbal remedies for health, herbal remedies for nourishment, herbal remedy basics, living better with herbal remedies, natural nutrients, nourish the body, using herbal remedies every day)
  • 05/08/22 - Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS) (Fitness, Wellness Tips) (knee injury, knee pain, knee pain while running, knee pain while stepping down, knee pain while walking, muscle spasms in legs, patella injury, patellofemoral pain, tight calves, tight hamstrings)
  • 05/05/22 - Moving to Keep Moving (Wellness Tips) (benefits of exercise, exercise daily, fitness everyday, fitness for everyone, fitness for health, fitness with Jai, why you need to exercise everyday)
  • 04/30/22 - Why We Should Avoid Petrolatum (Wellness Tips) (carginogens, collagen breakdown, cover skin, estrogen dominance, hormone imbalance, hydrocarbons, occlusive, petrolatum, petroluem jelly, premature aging, skin care)
  • 04/29/22 - Dealing with Stress (Wellness Tips) (dealingwithstress, dealwithstress, fightstress, havelessstress, healfromstress, reducestress, stress, stressandhealth, stresseffects, stressrelief, toolsforstress)
  • 04/18/22 - Vitamins & Minerals (Natural Remedies, Wellness Tips) (antioxidants, excess minerals, excess salt, fat soluble vitamins, feeding the body, free radicals, Major minerals, minerals, multivitamins, nourishing the body, nutrients from food is best, nutrition, reversing free radical damage, supplements for health, too many vitamins is bad for your health, too much is never good, trace minerals, vitamins, water soluble vitamins)
  • 04/10/22 - Toxins & Vitality (Wellness Tips) (emotional toxins, emotional vitality, environmental toxins, mental toxicity, mental vitality, physical toxicity, physical vitality, symptoms of toxicity, toxic thoughts, toxicity, toxins, toxins and vitality, toxins from food, vitality)
  • 03/31/22 - What is Holistic Health? (Wellness Tips) (aging holistically, aging well, body, body mind soul, complete health, complete wellness, growing old gracefully, holistic aging, holistic diet, holistic health, holistic wellness, maintaining longevity, mind, spirit, whole body health, whole person health, whole person wellness)
  • 03/24/22 - 10 Dimensions of Health (Wellness Tips) (10 dimensions of health, dimensions of health, dimensions of wellness, health, personal health, personal wellness, wellness)
  • 03/22/22 - Strength Training Basics (Fitness, Wellness Tips) (basics of strength training, best way to build muscle, build muscle, building, feel better, gain more muscle in less time, get more muscle, get the most out of strength training, improve function, improve strength, live longer, more muscle, muscle, muscle building, muscle mass, strength training, strength training basics, stronger)
  • 03/07/22 - What is Aromatherapy? (Aromatherapy, Wellness Tips) (all natural, aomatherapy, aroma, esseantial oils, olfactory nerve, plant aroma, stimulation, therapy through smell, volatile oils)
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