Coconut Oil Soap


All natural 3 ingredient soap perfect for body, face and hair.


This homemade Coconut Oil Soap is made from only Organic Coconut Oil, Distilled Water, and Sodium Hydroxide (bar) or Potassium Hydroxide (liquid).

This superfat soap blend has no active ‘hydroxides’ or acids left. Everything has been saponified out.

Wonderfully gentle on skin that only gets better with age. Soft foam that smells wonderful and leaves skin nourished.

Soap bars are molded in silicone molds to eliminate the need for releasing agents and other chemicals. Choose your shape.

Coconut Oil Soap is safe for pets with fur. Use as a natural soap for your pet.

Choose one or both:

4oz Bar for the shower and bath –  mold shapes include flower, heart, rose, and star. This all natural bar soap is foamy and soft. Cleansing without drying.

8oz Liquid for the hands and sink – pump bottle. This all natural liquid soap does not foam like commercial liquid soaps filled with chemical detergents.

Author: Jennifer 'Mother Jai'

Jennifer Lawson, aka Mother Jai Mother Jai has been blending and personally using aromatherapy products since 2012 and herbal remedies since 2003. The knowledge and experience she obtained over the years provides you with a well rounded, educated, and informed platform to base your own health and wellness on.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2 in

8oz Liquid, Flower, Heart, Rose, Star


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