Mother Jai provides educational presentations on alternative therapies and natural remedies.

Included below is a list of presentations available that can be held in your community.

  • Natural Remedies – a basic introduction to holistic health and natural remedies.
  • Aromatherapy 101 – learn about essential oils and how to blend them. Discover ways to use Aromatherapy every day.
  • Herbal Remedies 101 – learn about the history of herbal remedies and how they can help nourish your body every day.
  • Skin Care Basics – learn about the largest organ on the body and how to care for skin, hair and nails naturally. 
  • Better Sleep Basics – learn about the sleep cycle and how to help yourself get better sleep without drugs. Get tools for relaxation before bed.
  • Stress Relief Basics – learn about stress and what it does to your body and mind. Get tools to use every day to reduce your stress. Develop skills for relaxing the mind and body.
  • Natural Pet Care – learn about natural ways to care for your pets. Learning how to use herbal remedies and Aromatherapy to improve your pets health as you would your own. 
  • Natural Cleaning For The Home – Learn about all natural cleaning products and infusing your own at home.
  • Aromacraft – learn about safely blending essential oils and create your own aroma spray and bath/body oil. 
  • Herbalcraft – learn about herbal remedies and blend your own tea and herbal infused oil.
  • Reducing Your A1c Naturally  – learn about the basics of food and blood sugar. Develop skills in eating habits to balance blood sugar levels and reduce A1c over time.
  • Relieving Allergies Naturally – learn about the causes of allergies, how to reduce them and what foods can help eliminate them.
  • Everyday Herbal Remedies – herbal remedies for everyday ailments and illnesses
  • Eating Right Not Dieting – avoid the diet roller coaster and nourish the body
  • Fitness Basics – Understanding the benefits of basic fitness
  • Meditation Basics – learn some simple ways to meditate and improve cognitive function
  • Six Steps to Wellness – six simple ways to improve your overall wellness
  • Six Steps to Fat Loss – understanding fat retention in the body and learning ways to burn fat more efficiently

CHFA – Wellness Education: Natural Remedies

Video 1: 10 Dimensions of Wellness (18 minutes)

Video 2: Holistic Remedies (13 minutes)

Video 3: Types of Breathing and Meditation (9 minutes)

Video 4: Aromatherapy & Essential Oils (16 minutes)

Video 5: Herbal Remedies (11 minutes)

Video 6: Tai Chi Flow (13 minutes)

Contact Jennifer today to hold a presentation in your community.