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Prevent Viral Infections

Many, many people blindly follow their Doctor’s advice and get a vaccine. What they don’t do is find out what the vaccine actually contains, how long it is expected to work, and which viral strains it is supposed to defend against. The vaccine itself may not be toxic but the chemicals, including mercury, utilized in extracting and combining the essential components of the vaccine are. Also the vaccine itself is only guaranteed to work for six weeks after injection, flu season lasts 3 months, at least.

Every year they create a new vaccine for new strains without considering what that does to the virus itself. Every new strain evolved because of the modified vaccine, now there are many strains that the vaccine does not protect the individual from.

Many occupations require that you have the flu vaccine as a part of employment. These people are forced to be inoculated even when the prevention results are not guaranteed. People are under informed about the actual side effects and contents of vaccines and are coerced through employment to get regular vaccinations.

Over sanitation is one cause of the spread of the virus in children and adults. If we kill all the bacteria on/in ourselves and on the surfaces of our homes then we directly affect our immune system’s ability to defend us. Our immunity is dependent on bacteria to function properly, these bacteria live within and around us for a reason. When we indiscriminately kill all the bacteria, we kill what we need as well.

Alcohol based hand sanitizers and air diffusers are the leading cause of this problem. Also the companies that produce these products cannot guarantee their effectiveness because the products strength decreases the longer it sits on store shelves or in back-stock warehouses. This is especially true of the sanitizing wipes. They have been tested and proven to be completely ineffective after only 6 months of storage. So how long do they sit it warehouses before placed on a shelf for you to purchase? At least 3 months, sometimes more with companies like Walmart that purchase huge amounts of product at once to gain a discount.

Now that we’ve covered that let’s take a look at what we can do to prevent the flu in ourselves and our homes without these man-made, chemical based vaccines and sanitizers. These simple things –

  • Essential oils provide natural antibacterial and antiviral properties and are nontoxic when used in highly diluted forms.
  • Herbal teas nourish the body, providing it with tools for healthy function with nutrients not found in everyday foods.
  • Apple cider vinegar is a great skin cleanser and toner, surface cleaner, degreaser and weed killer, without leaving toxic chemicals behind.
  • Sunflower oil is inexpensive and a great natural moisturizer and carrier for essential oils.
  • Everclear is a wheat based alcohol, a perfect emulsifier for essential oils and, when diluted, is a natural surface and skin sanitizer that contains no petroleum. Plus it is grown and distilled in America.

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