Aroma Spray

Mother Jai’s Aroma Spray

Mother Jai creates a professionally blended spray for personal use. It is a water based spray with Everclear and essential oils, blended for every day use. Multiple all natural blends are available for enjoyment, cleaning and health benefit. Get yours here.

Distilled water provides a clean base for aroma sprays. Although distilled water does not emulsify essential oils it provides an odor free and all natural base for sprays. We all know that oil and water don’t mix, so we must emulsify the oils for them to mix with water and be effectively dispersed. That’s where Everclear comes in.

Everclear is 190 proof Grain Alcohol that effectively emulsifies essential oils for safe dispersion as well as naturally preserves the water and prevents mold growth. No other alcohol emulsifies essential oils as effectively as Everclear.

All essential oils Mother Jai uses come from