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Wellness Education

Wellness Education with Jennifer

What is Wellness Education? A world of knowledge in your hands!

A series of classes developed by Jennifer, Mother Jai, Lawson. They are typically held in Assisted and Independent Living Communities. They cover the basics of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness; herbal remedies and aromatherapy; self-care and alternative therapies. Jennifer provides lots of information on ways to develop your personal wellness.

Jennifer has compiled information from multiple reputable sources and put it together for ease of use. These books include the information discussed during classes. There are three books so far. Each covering different aspects of personal wellness.

Learn more about Wellness Education here.

Three Books Full of Information

Herbal Remedies 300 pages of info on common herbs, flowers, and spices. Including their uses, benefits, side effects, and interactions. Recipes for preparation, storage and use are also included.

Skin, Hair & Nailsover 100 pages of everything you need to know to take care of your skin and all of its conditions. Plus information on caring for your hair and nails.

Wellness Educationover 400 pages of health and wellness from head to toe. Including alternative therapies, fitness, anatomy and physiology, and self-care. Instructions and full color images are included.

Learn more about Wellness Education here.