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Fitness for the Less Able

Mother Jai’s provides fitness classes for people who are less capable. Jennifer created these unique classes for people who want exercise but cannot stand or maintain their balance while moving. They are various full body warm-up and exercise routines that can be done from any chair, wheelchair, or even the couch. Anyone of any ability can participate and enjoy these exercises.

Jennifer has been instructing Senior Fitness classes in Adult Day Programs, Nursing Home, Independent and Assisted Living Communities since 2013. She is an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Silver Sneakers Approved and Certified Instructor and RenewActive endorsed instructor. She also holds a Integrative Aromatherapy Certification and a Bachelor’s of Science in Integrative Therapies.

senior fitness

Join Jennifer, Mother Jai, Lawson on YouTube for recorded videos of all of her routines.

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Please Remember!

  • Always consult with your physician before starting any new fitness routine.
  • By participating in online classes, you assume all dangers, hazards and risks of participation.
  • Always modify movements according to your ability level to help prevent overuse and injury.
  • Any movement you feel you cannot do please take a break and wait for the next movement.