Did you find Mother Jai on WellNubia.com?

This is a great new start-up that offers a place to ask wellness experts questions about anything related to your health and wellness. Since you found Mother Jai there and maybe had a question answered I want to offer you additional support in finding your personal wellness.

Please contact Jennifer, Mother Jai, Lawson below.

Who are the Wellnubians?

  • Nubi – a user asking wellness and health questions.Register free HERE
  • Xpert – Independent Wellness practitioners who answer (Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Massage, Physical Therapy, Yoga, Fitness and many more.)To join apply HERE .
  • Screening is done by the Wellnubian team.

How it Works – A Nubi asks a wellness question, for example “what is a healthy diet?”, “How can I sleep better?” or “What is the best cardio exercise?”


  • Multiple Xperts answer the question in line with their knowledge and expertise.
  • Nubis rate the answers up and down to find what is most liked by the community.
  • Nubi makes a final decision of the best answer.