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Better Than Alcohol Sanitizer

Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer

Lots of people use alcohol based hand sanitizers hoping they will kill bacteria while not realizing they are poisoning themselves with chemicals. Isopropyl Alcohol is derived from Propene, an extract from fossil fuels. Meaning it is petroleum based and not suitable for use on the skin. It is great for sterilizing medical instruments and tables. On the skin, though, the toxins are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Mother Jai’s Hand Sanitizer

Mother Jai blends an alcohol free sanitizer for the most healing benefit without any artificial chemicals. This blend includes organic Sunflower Oil, Vitamin E Oil as an antioxidant, and Sweet Orange, Lavender, Tea Tree and Red Thyme essential oils. A simple blend with huge benefits!

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This all natural American made blend absorbs quickly and provides your body with nutrients that help improve your immune function and help prevent infection. There are no artificial chemicals of any kind in this product. Nothing to get in the way of a healthy body.

Organic Sunflower Oil

is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin E which help in promoting skin health. These vitamins act as antioxidants. They help in regenerating damaged skin cells and getting rid of the acne causing bacteria. The oil is light and non-greasy and thus, it gets absorbed in the skin easily without blocking the pores. Sunflower oil also acts as a natural moisturizer and helps in treating dry, sensitive skin.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil

The health benefits of orange essential oil can be attributed to its properties as an anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, antispasmodic, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, carminative, diuretic, tonic, sedative, and a cholagogic substance.

The relation of a tonic to the body is quite similar to the overhauling and servicing a vehicle. A tonic tones up every system that functions throughout the body, keeps the metabolic system in proper shape and boosts immunity.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender oil has many uses for treating the skin. It naturally reduces inflammation, lessens pain, cleans the surface of the skin and is an effective antimicrobial. You can use diluted lavender oil everywhere.

One well known lavender oil benefit is its antimicrobial action. For centuries, it has been used topically to help combat bacterial and fungal infections, with a multitude of studies supporting this benefit. The antimicrobial activity of lavender is further enhanced when it is combined with other essential oils including clove, tea tree and cinnamon oil for topical use.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea tree has a long history of traditional use. Australian aboriginals used tea tree leaves for healing skin cuts, burns, and infections by crushing the leaves and applying them to the affected area. Tea tree oil contains constituents called terpenoids, which have been found to have antiseptic and antifungal activity. The compound terpinen-4-ol is the most abundant and is thought to be responsible for most of tea tree oil’s antimicrobial activity.

Red Thyme Essential Oil

Thymol, the most prevalent terpene in thyme oil, has antimicrobial properties. One study found that thyme oil was effective in treating bacterial infections, especially staphylococcus strains and treatment-resistant strains like methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA). Thyme essential oil has also been shown to be effective against bacterial strains Enterococcus and Escherichia.