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What are Chakras?

What Are Chakras?

When we hear the word Chakra, we may think of esoteric things, when it is an ancient word that simply names points in our body where the central nervous system connects with the peripheral nervous system. Each of these points circulates and disperses the electrical energy that flows through our nervous systems and out to our bodies. This electrical energy is what keeps our cells functioning, our mind thinking, and our body working.

Yes, I said electrical. Very low-level electromagnetic energy that is created, stored, and utilized throughout the body. Many people believe this electrical energy to be the soul, life force or spirit. This electromagnetic energy is technically carried along nerve fibers with the help of charged ions (sodium, potassium, chloride, and calcium) that use positive and negative electrical charges to push/pull electrical signals along the nerve fiber.

The nerve fiber is more conductive using the myelin sheath. Myelin is a layered material composed of phospholipid, cholesterol and protein that winds around nerve cell axons. Myelin insulates nerve impulses from neighboring nerve fibers, and it increases the speed of impulses through nerve axons.

Each chakra is located along the spine and brain where large bundles of nerves exit the spinal cord and innervate the body. These junctions or nerve bundles circulate or spiral the energy from the bundle out towards the body as a type of active transport using the myelin sheath. These are considered energy centers, there are seven main centers, five along the spine and two in and on the brain.

When our nerves are nourished and healthy the electrical impulses travel easily from brain to body and back again. When they are unhealthy, inflamed or malnourished, the electrical impulses are impeded, and dysfunction occurs within the corresponding area of the body. Meaning our chakra is blocked and we should take steps to get the energy flowing again.

Opening and promoting chakra flow is as simple as eating nutritious food most of the time, exercising regularly, meditating often (chakra meditations for example) and practicing self-care every week. If you’ve developed an ailment or disease try these simple things first and you will see a drastic reduction in or complete reversal of your illness or disease.