Specialty Classes

By combining the best of science and nature, Mother Jai’s has a created a group of classes with a special focus just for you and your family!

Each 2 hour class includes:

Better Sleep

  • Learn about sleep problems and why you may have them in a take home packet.
  • Discover exercises for better sleep.
  • Develop relaxation skills for better sleep.
  • Take home aromatherapy products and herbal remedies to help you sleep better.
  • $20 per person

Pain Relief

  • Learn about the causes of pain and how to relieve it in a take home packet.
  • Discover exercises used to reduce pain.
  • Make two easy DIY pain relief products.
  • Take home herbal remedies that reduce pain and inflammation naturally.
  • $20 per person

Skin Care

  • Learn about your skin, what it does and how to improve it’s health in a take home packet.
  • Discover ways to improve your skin health naturally.
  • Take home a package of 3 skin care products.
  • $20 per person

Classes are recommended for ages 8 and up and are great for families to do together.

Check our Calendar for availability.

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