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“The Science” – Doctor Steven Trobiani, Board Certified Neurologist [Video] (10:11)
“Most Compelling Science In CBD” – David D’Arcangelo [Video] (35:31)


“I Grew My Hair, Lost Weight, And Made Some Money!” [Video] (0:48)

“Carol The Nurse” [Video] (1:06)

“Moms And Dads, This Is For You!” [Video] (0:44)

“I’m Living Proof” [Video] (0:30)

“We’re The Real Deal” [Video] (0:55)

“Jacked From Front To Back” [Video] (0:57)

“You Gotta Try It” [Video] (0:56)

“I Have My Life Back” – Simone Turner [Video] (10:49)

“Faith Over Fear… My Journey Back” – Karen Apy [Video] (13:08)