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“We are all borne of the Earth, bound by and to the Earth, nourished and supported by Earth’s plants, animals, and minerals. Health and wellness are grown from the natural extracts of the Earth, the knowledge of the Soul, and the practices of Nature.”  -Mother Jai-

  • Aromatherapy & Essential Oils

Mother Jai’s Products

Mother Jai hand blends products fresh to order. Using only organic ingredients and essential oils sourced locally (Colorado) or American whenever absolutely possible. Beeswax and Honey from the mountains of Colorado, Everclear (emulsifier and preservative) from Missouri, and Organic Sunflower Oil from Ohio. PlantTherapy.com Provides all of the essential oils used in Mother Jai’s products. MSDS sheets are available for every essential oil. Find out more here.


Mother Jai – Nurturing by Nature